Monday, February 15, 2010

What part of "court ruling" do they not understand?

Last week, the UK Court of Appeal ordered the release of part of a ruling which implicated MI5 in torture. In doing so, one of the judges strongly criticised MI5 as not respecting human rights, of lying to Parliament, and of having a "culture of suppression" which made their assurances (and those of other government departments where those departments relied upon MI5) completely untrustworthy - a criticism the government tried to have suppressed.

The UK government's response? To accuse the media of publishing "groundless accusations" and "ludicrous lies".

But these aren't the media's claims - they're the ruling of the UK's second highest court. And if the government believes they are "groundless", it has a clear course of action: appeal it to the UK Supreme Court. Instead, they have again chosen to slander the courts in the media - thus making it clear to all that they are simply lawless thugs.