Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Kiwi Party: racist as well as bigoted

The Kiwi Party is a small Christian Party, one of the fragments of United Future. As expected, they're bigots, opposed to same-sex marriage and to homosexuality. But that's not the only hatred they espouse. Here's what they have to say in the "media" section of their party principles:

The media play a vital role in a democracy informing citizens, facilitating public debate, and providing a forum in which differing voices can be heard. This important role carries with it responsibilities: to make a balanced and equitable selection of the facts of any matter to put before the public; to present information in an impartial fashion; and to ensure that every effort has been made to establish accuracy in reportage. Since the media has the power to shape social norms of conduct it has the responsibility to make a balanced selection of the facts of any matter to put before the public. It must therefore maintain high standards and make responsible, impartial and accurate choices when considering the content of programming and publications, especially in relation to sexuality, language, alcohol, drug use, violence, and inter-racial relationships. Government must ensure there are appropriate independent authorities with sufficient power to enforce these standards.
(Emphasis added)

That's right: the Kiwi Party think inter-racial relationships are bad and shouldn't be on TV, lest it promote and normalise the idea that skin colour doesn't matter and that such relationships are acceptable. And they think this is so important that its in their party constitution.

The Kiwi Party is a racist party. There's just no other way to interpret it. Fortunately, with only 0.54 percent of the vote (fewer votes than the joke campaign of a pair of second-rate TV comedians), they're unlikely to be inflicting their concern with racial purity on the rest of us. But it really does make you wonder about the ethics of the 12,000 people who voted for them.

[Hat-tip: FrogBlog]