Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Speaking out against the 90-day law

The government's latest employment relations "reforms" come into force this week. From Friday, anyone starting a new job, or whose employer changes hands, can be subjected to a 90-day trial period. Unions will be unable to visit workplaces to assist their members without the permission of bosses. Together, these are a fundamental assault on worker's rights, which will help achieve John Key's goal of keeping wages low and his mates' profits high.

The EPMU, as predicted, isn't happy about this, and have launched a campaign against it. All over the country, workers will be asking their bosses to agree not to impose 90 day trial periods and to allow union access, with the underlying threat of naming and shaming those who refuse. As they point out,

"Employers are very good at demanding standards of behaviour for employees. Employees are also entitled to demand acceptable standards of behaviour from their employers."
I'd add that the public are entitled to judge employers on how they treat their workers - and take our business elsewhere if they fail to meet basic standards.

If you want to support the EPMU's campaign, they have an online petition here.