Monday, March 14, 2011

Tyrants stand together

For the past month, the people of Bahrain have been protesting in the streets, demanding democracy, equality, and an end to torture and corruption. The government has responded by beating and shooting them. But now, it looks set to up the ante, inviting the Saudi military in to put down the protests by force:

Saudi forces are preparing to intervene in neighbouring Bahrain, after a day of clashes between police and protesters who mounted the most serious challenge to the island's royal family since demonstrations began a month ago.

The Crown Prince of Bahrain is expected to formally invite security forces from Saudi Arabia into his country today, as part of a request for support from other members of the six-member Gulf Co-operation Council.

As for the Saudis, the last thing they want is their own people getting Ideas, so they're quite happy to lend a hand with the repression. Its like a mutual support network for tyrants, all working together against their common enemy: the people.

These tyrants are all of course US allies, and they'll be murdering those protestors with US tanks and US guns. But I'm not holding my breath for the US to denounce this move. When push comes to shove, the US puts stability above democracy and human rights. And then they wonder why people hate them...