Friday, June 10, 2011

Back for more

Two years ago, the mining industry tried to get its hands on our precious natural places, by pushing for amendments to the Crown Minerals Act allowing them to dig up our national parks. After an enormous public outcry, they failed. But now the Herald reports that they're back for more:

Less than a year after being defeated by strong public opposition, the mining industry is planning another bid to gain access to minerals lying beneath the conservation estate, leading industry figures have indicated.

Labour MP David Parker yesterday said "senior" mining industry sources had told him they planned to seek an increase in the size of pockets of Schedule Four land, which may be used for mining related activities.

Their aim is to get the ability to prospect, which if they find anything would then be used to pressure the government to deschedule land and allow them to dig it up.

The good news is there's an election in a coup and so the government is saying they are "not receptive" to such moves. The bad news is that they might change their minds once the election is out of the way, and they don't have to face the people for another three years. The only way to prevent this, and properly protect our national parks, is to turf them out of office.