Friday, June 17, 2011

Labour fails again

Kate Wilkinson's admission about her plans to lower wages by applying discriminatory youth rates to 24 year olds last night was a total gift for Labour, showing National's true, radical, batshit-insane-like-Roger-Douglas colours. So you'd expect them to have a strong response about it, right?

Wrong. Having trawled their website and Red Alert, there's nothing but dead silence and blowing tumbleweeds.

Thanks, Labour. No wonder National feels it can get away with running on an agenda of naked privatisation, wage cuts, and upwards wealth transfer: because you dicks are too fucking lazy to even voice your outrage on a core issue. Which raises the obvious question: if you won't fight for us, why should we fight for you?

Update: Jacinda Ardern has a press release up here. Meanwhile, two of Labour's senior figures have spent the afternoon slagging me off on Twitter. Stomping on disloyalty from people they incorrectly perceive as their vassals is apparently more important than contesting government policy in a key area in their book.