Monday, July 04, 2011

...Just look at who opposes it

People have already focused a lot of attention on the makeup of anti-MMP group "Vote for Change", revealing it to be effectively a front-group for Peter Shirtcliffe and the Business Round Table. But it turns out that wealthy market fundamentalists aren't the only advocates for eroding our democracy; some good work by Bomber Bradbury at Tumeke has also revealed that they counted a white supremacist among their founding members:

Ummmm - this isn't the same Alex Fogerty who was associated with various ultra fascist and racist organizations is it? The same Alex Fogerty who was the site admin for the white supremacist online group, Australia New Nation?

I tracked down Alex Fogerty on his facebook site and asked him if he was the same Alex Fogerty who was a founding member of 'Vote for Change', he said he was...

...IF what Alex Fogerty has said to me is true (and seeing as he has supported delusional white supremacist websites in the past, then reality could be a stretch) and he IS the Alex Fogerty founding member of 'Vote for change' then that leads to the question, isn't it intellectually skanky to allow white supremacists to take an active role in a campaign to dismantle MMP which in turn leads to less political diversity?

"Intellectually skanky" doesn't even begin to describe it. This is a man who has made death threats and called for the murder of his political opponents. To their credit, Vote for Change is kicking him out. But it raises serious questions about why they ever let him join in the first place.