Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SAS undermines democracy - again

Last year, in a significant attack on our democracy, the SAS deployment to Afghanistan was extended after pressure from the soldiers themselves. Now, in anticipation of a decision to bring them home in March, they're doing it again:

The latest intervention by SAS commandos during a rebel attack in Afghanistan will elevate the elite force's pull-out in March higher on John Key's Washington agenda this week.

But the Prime Minister has revealed the SAS wants its mission extended yet again.


Mr Key is being careful with his words, saying it is his "expectation" they will come home then. But that leaves the door open to another extension, and yesterday the PM said a final decision had yet to be made.

And he told the Herald: "There's already pressure coming on from the SAS themselves to want to stay longer."

It sounds like we need to not only bring the SAS home, but disband them as well, because they've become a significant threat to our democracy. It is not the proper place of soldiers to decide which wars they fight or how long for. That decision belongs to elected politicians. The day we let soldiers decide whether we wage war is the day we become a military dictatorship.

I have no doubt the SAS are enthusiastic about their job. But if they want to run around, kill people, and blow shit up, maybe they should play some computer games, rather than expecting us to blow tens of millions on their entertainment.