Wednesday, July 06, 2011

An unwelcome visitor

Guess who's coming to New Zealand this month? Tony Blair:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has revealed he will appear at Eden Park as part of a lucrative mid-winter public speaking tour.


Britain's Sunday Times said the cheapest ticket for the tour was was [sic] $1354, offering a "full sit-down banquet meal" and pre-event cocktail party, while the VIP ticket, at $2031 includes a photograph with Mr Blair.

I'm left wondering: what sort of person pays $1350 to hear a speech from a war criminal? What sort of person pays $2000 to be photographed with one? Do we really have this many sociopaths in our country?

Still, this is an opportunity. The current bounty for attempting a peaceful citizen's arrest of Tony Blair is running at £2,400 (or about NZ$4,800 at today's exchange rate). Hopefully, someone will take a crack at it.