Friday, October 07, 2011

Britain protects another war criminal

Tzipi Livni is a war criminal. In 2008, while Israeli Defence Minister, she oversaw Operation Cast Lead, an indiscriminate attack on a civilian population. So, when she planned a private visit to the UK, activists were ready. Like all civilised countries, the UK has universal jurisdiction for war crimes, and activists applied for an arrest warrant to allow Livni to be detained so she could stand trial. The UK government's response? Grant Livni diplomatic immunity so she couldn't be prosecuted. To add insult to injury, while they're doing it they claim that

"The UK will continue to honour our international obligations and make sure that people who have committed some of the most awful crimes – wherever in the world they took place – can be brought to justice in our courts."
Yeah, right. It is clear from their repeated actions that the UK has no intention of ever enforcing this law or bringing visiting war criminals to justice. Every time it looks likely, they conspire to thwart it. And then they wonder why no-one believes them when they say they support international law...