Thursday, October 27, 2011

Key to voters: You're stupid

John Key was trying to sell his privatisation policy in Kapiti yesterday. His pitch? If voters object, its because we're too stupid to understand it:

Prime Minister John Key has tried to sell the Government's proposed asset sales policy to senior citizens on the Kapiti Coast, saying voters do not fully understand it.


He conceded some would always be concerned about asset sales, but said later that it was important to understand what the Government wanted to do.

"They don't fully understand what we're doing. My experience is when I take audiences through it, like I did just before, no-one actually put up their hand and asked a question."

To the contrary, I think we understand things very well. We own those assets. National wants to take them off us and give them to their mates. The dividends will flow into the private pockets of the rich - or offshore - rather than being used to pay for schools and hospitals which benefit us all. There's nothing in it for us, and it makes us poorer rather than richer.

Opposing that isn't "stupid". Instead, its the only sensible course of action. Calling us "stupid" for correctly assessing our self-interest simply shows how arrogant Key and his rich mates are.