Wednesday, October 05, 2011


There was an incident at Parliament today when a (possibly mentally disturbed) man attempted to throw himself over the railing of the viewing gallery and into the debating chamber. It was dealt with by Parliamentary security, but the aftermath in the chamber was quite unpleasant:

At the start of the man's episode, Goff said he was "stunned" and sat down from giving his speech. He waited for the incident to be dealt with.

"But then the Prime Minister started yelling across the House 'shame on the Labour Party, shame on the Labour Party', as though this was something that was instigated by the Labour Party.

Unmentioned are the cries of "scumbag" directed at Goff from the government benches, which can be heard on this video.

Its quite revealing about John Key, and it tells us that contrary to his carefully managed image, he's really not a very nice person.

Correction: Right, so it was the Labour front bench crying "scumbag" at Key for his comment. I'd read over the Twitter feed that it was from the government. Either way, not a good look for anyone concerned, though its still revleaing that Key's first response to anything is to reach for the Crosby-Textor playbook and blame Labour for it.