Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The lists

Candidate and party lists are up for the election. The Progressives, of course, are out, ending a twenty-year political schism. Their other half, the Alliance, is basically dead, standing only five electorate and fourteen list candidates - fewer than the ALCP. The Democrats - the local branch of the Social Credit cult - seem to be on their last legs as well. Meanwhile, it looks like the Conservatives are making a serious go of it, standing in almost every seat. If Colin Craig maintains his interest in politics, then they could become a serious force.

Among the minnows, the sexist Republic of New Zealand party is finally dead, as is the Worker's Party. And as usual, a host of boldly announced new parties (Ordinary Kiwis, Student, Reform) didn't even make it as far as running candidates. The Pirate Party will however be running two, putting them on the same level as the Communist League.

Overall, only thirteen parties are contesting the list - the lowest ever. We seem to be in a consolidating phase at the moment, with a number of old minor parties on the verge of disappearing, and its not clear who, if anyone, will replace them. On the other hand, if no-one votes for those parties, they don't really need to be replaced.