Monday, April 30, 2012

ACC lied

When news of ACC's massive privacy breach hit the media, ACC hit back hard, accusing the recipient of the data of attempted extortion, and referring the matter to police. But it turns out that they lied:

A recording of a critical meeting between senior ACC managers and the whistleblower who exposed a massive privacy breach reveals the corporation misled its minister and the public.


a recording of a key meeting in December between Pullar, her support person Michelle Boag – a senior National Party figure – and two ACC managers is at odds with the corporation's claims that were included in a report ordered by ACC Minister Judith Collins.

The ACC was given a transcript of the meeting more than three weeks ago, but has refused to correct its report.

Pullar said it was outrageous that, having been provided with the recording, the corporation was refusing to correct a "blatant lie" on a public report.

I think its a sign of the decline of ACC that they behave like a private company, bullying and smearing their critics, rather than a public service corporation. But while the Minister may tolerate that, lying to her is not something that can be accepted. Heads are going to have to roll for this. The question is whether that will be enough to fix the rot.