Monday, April 23, 2012


One of the positive things about the internet is that it has enabled the rise of grassroots, progressive, campaigning organisations, which harness support from across a country or across the world to push for change. Globally, we have Avaaz, which frequently gets multi-million signature petitions. In the US, there is MoveOn. Australia has GetUp!. Now, someone wants to establish this sort of organisation in New Zealand:

StandUp, an independent, citizen-led platform for online activism, will begin campaigning in New Zealand next month.

Modelled on organisations such as Avaaz, which mobilises people to address global issues through petitions, emails and other actions, StandUp aims to become a rallying point for New Zealanders concerned about local issues relating to politics, business, society and the environment.

The first campaigns will potentially target asset sales, paid parental leave, coal mining in conservation areas and a sustainable rebuild in Christchurch. However direct member input will decide which areas become the focus of this organisation.

They're currently in the setup phase, but they need money. So they're trying to crowdsource it through NZ crowdfunding site PledgeMe. I've put my money where my mouth is, and signed up to be a founding member. If you want to see this sort of grassroots, democratic campaigning organisation in New Zealand, then please do the same.