Friday, April 20, 2012

One rule for us, another for them

What happens if you swear at and physically assault another staff member in the workplace? Normally, you'd be immediately dismissed for gross misconduct. But the rules are apparently different if you are a public sector Chief Executive:

In findings released today State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie said Department of Building and Housing CEO Katrina Bach had received a warning.

Bach had breached the Department's code of conduct, Rennie said.

This is absolutely disgusting. As the PSA points out, this is a serious incident, and any other staff member would have been sacked. To let a Chief Executive get away with this sets a double standard - as well as a disturbing precedent allowing CEOs to assault their employees in future.

The SSC is supposed to establish and enforce standards in the public service. They have failed utterly to do that. And if they're not going to do that job, you really have to wonder why we are paying them at all.