Thursday, September 13, 2012

Banks' corrupt intent

The police file on the investigation of John banks for electoral fraud has been released under the OIA. I haven't had time to trawl the whole thing yet, but from media reports, it looks like Banks explicitly linked donations to influence:

Mr Banks asked mutli-millionaire Kim Dotcom for two payments of that exact amount so that he would not have to declare where they came from, the internet tycoon told police.

Dotcom said Mr Banks told him: "I want to help you, Kim, and I can help you more effectively if no one knows about this donation."

This isn't just evidence that Banks solicited the donations - it is evidence of corrupt intent. "Cash for favours" has no place in our political system, and any politician who promises it must be driven out. Banks should be sacked from Cabinet and disowned by the ACT Party. If either refuses to do so, then it should be taken as support for this sort of corruption.