Thursday, September 13, 2012

They lie reflexively

Twenty-three years ago, in April 1989, 96 people were killed and over 700 injured in a crush at Hillsborough stadium. In the wake of the disaster, the police blamed the victims, claiming they were drunk and criminals. They lied:

A fresh inquest into the Hillsborough disaster is likely to be ordered after the full scale of the establishment cover-up over the 1989 disaster was revealed for the first time.

Criminal prosecutions of key figures are also possible after the Hillsborough Independent Panel – which was chaired by the bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, and had unrestricted access to 450,000 documents over three years – revealed the depth of a police cover-up that swung into action the morning after the disaster.

It confirmed Lord Justice Taylor's key finding in August 1989 that the main reason for the disaster was a "failure in police control".

According to other reports, police gave false evidence, had the dead tested for blood-alcohol, and dug up criminal records in an attempt to smear the victims and deflect blame for themselves. Those officers too should face charges. Sadly, they're unlikely to. Instead, the establishment of the time has effectively protected itself, and left others to carry the can for their misdeeds.

Just another example of how the British establishment lies reflexively and systematically to protect themselves and their reputation. Given their established track record of deceit, its no wonder that people no longer believe anything they say.