Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did the police lie under oath in the Dotcom case?

Radio New Zealand reports that there are now concerns that the police lied under oath in the Dotcom case:

Detective Inspector Grant Wormald gave evidence at an earlier hearing, saying apart from surveillance carried out by the police, there was no other surveillance of Mr Dotcom to his knowledge.

Defence lawyer Paul Davison, QC, told the court on Wednesday that is inconsistent with what has now been released about the involvement of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

Outside court Mr Davison said that is an issue of real concern, which he wants to get to the bottom of.

(Context: Inspector Wormald works for OFCANZ, which asked the GCSB for assistance. It would be odd if the person overseeing the case was unaware of this, especially as they relied on information from GCSB in planning the raid)

It is unacceptable for any New Zealand police officer to lie in court. If Wormald is found to have committed perjury, then he should be fired. There is no place for perjurers in our police force.