Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Climate change: And more shame

Last week, National gutted the ETS and announced it would withdraw from Kyoto. Meanwhile, tiny Niue is planning to go 100% solar:

The Premier of Niue says the country is aspiring to follow the lead of Tokelau and become 100 percent solar powered.

Niue has received four million US dollars in funding from the Pacific Environment Community Fund, a joint initiative between the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the Japanese government.

Tokelau is the first country in the world to become 100 percent solar powered.

As it should be clear, Niue is just the latest small island nation to do this. And it should shame us deeply. Countries smaller and poorer than ours are making tremendous efforts against climate change. Meanwhile, we are doing sweet fuck all, and primarily making sure that our polluters get a big fat payout. So much for "common but differentiated responsibilities"...