Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Member's Day

Today is a Member's Day. First up, there are a couple of third readings for local and private bills, which the House should whizz though (unless National filibusters). Following that, the real fun begins. There's the last part of the debate on Metiria Turei's Income Tax (Universalisation of In-work Tax Credit) Amendment Bill, which the government bitterly opposes. Then there's the first reading of Te Ururoa Flavell's Oaths and Declarations (Upholding the Treaty of Waitangi) Amendment Bill, which would modernise oaths and affirmations and make them reflect modern New Zealand. Naturally National opposes this too, and has allied with that other opponent of modern New Zealand, Winston Peters, to vote it down. Following that, there's Local Government (Public Libraries) Amendment Bill, which would extend requirements on local authorities to provide free public library services. I expect National will oppose this as well - its not as if poor kids need books, is it? Finally, there's Scott Simpson's Land Transport (Admissibility of Evidential Breath Tests) Amendment Bill. Its been found to violate the BORA [PDF], so naturally National will be voting for it.

Thanks to some strategic delays, there will be a ballot for four or even five bills tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what the parties have put in this time.