Monday, November 12, 2012

No freedom of speech in Britain

Today is Remembrance Day in Britain, their equivalent of Anzac day. And what pops up on the Kent Police's website?

A man from Aylesham has tonight been arrested on suspicion of malicious telecommunications.

This follows a posting on a social network site of a burning poppy.

He is currently in police custody awaiting interview.

Arrested, detained, and interviewed, for a political picture on a website. It all sounds a bit like Iran, doesn't it?

In a free society, people are allowed to express their views online without the police kicking in their door. But its pretty clear that Britain is no longer a free society when it comes to criticising war and warmongering, despite laws (such as the Human Rights Act) which say that it is. And the "malicious telecommunications" law is a prime tool in this tide of intolerance, allowing police to arrest, detain and prosecute people for things which would never be a crime offline.

Judith Collins wants us to have such a law here. Given the overseas examples of its abuse, I think that would be a very dangerous law indeed.