Monday, February 11, 2013


John Key's reason for cleaning up the Australians' (political) mess? Its "helping out our mates". Meanwhile, while telling us about all the scare stories those mates have been feeding us about boats of refugees heading to New Zealand, he also gave us this startling revelation:

[Key] also revealed that the Australians have considered whether they would help shepherd a boat across the Tasman to New Zealand if the people on board were adamant about getting to New Zealand.

Which tells us that a) the Australians have a pretty bloody funny idea of mateship, and b) Key is a complete moron. After all, if they're willing to escort boats across the Tasman to produce and exploit a crisis to shift NZ government policy in the desired direction, why on earth would anyone believe that their intelligence reports weren't designed for the same purpose.

Listening to Key, it sounds like we've been had. The Aussies fed us a bunch of scare stories, and we swallowed them. The thing I'm really curious about is whether our intelligence agencies highlighted the obvious self-interest in these reports (and Key ignored them), or whether they're total tools.