Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Says it all

Yesterday's document dump on the Hobbit revealed that the government thought there was no case to change the law. So why did they go ahead and change it? The Herald asked Ministers, but the response was disappointing:

[M]inisters who felt that there was no need to change labour laws for the filming of The Hobbit yesterday said they could not recall why they went ahead and changed them.


Mr Brownlee could not recall yesterday what took place in this period which prompted Government to push on with a law change. But he insisted the move was necessary: "There is no doubt the prospect of losing the film production to New Zealand was real."

This convenient "memory lapse" speaks volumes about the government's case for a law change. If there was one which would withstand public scrutiny, then Brownlee would say it. The fact that even he is ashamed of it, and is hiding behind senility and forgetfulness, tells us everything we need to know.

Of course, we should vote him out. Politicians should own their decisions and be held accountable for them. If they refuse to, then they have no place in our Parliament.