Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The UK's Serious and Organised Crime Agency is helping to assemble NATO's Afghan kill-list:

British police have been accused of illegally supplying information on potential targets for a highly controversial military "kill list" in a legal challenge being launched at the high court on Wednesday.


The legal challenge states that Amin was on the "kill list" and that information from Soca has been used to help the US military decide whom to target.

It cites a report to the committee on foreign relations in the US Senate, which says Soca was one of the agencies providing information for the "kill list".

Papers filed to court say: "The UK's involvement in the list is not limited to military or intelligence officials but includes civilians working for Soca.

"The US Senate report specifically acknowledges such involvement by Soca."

SOCA was established to prosecute drug traffickers and organised crime groups, not help write kill-lists for a foreign power's death squads. its just another example of how the UK's involvement in the US's "war on terror" is corrupting their entire system, and tainting their police agencies with murder.