Monday, July 22, 2013

Why doesn't Fairfax want to talk about inequality?

Inequality is one of the biggest problems in New Zealand at the moment. It is the cause of many of our social ills, and is likely to be a major issue in next year's election. The subject has been highlighted by the recent release of a book, Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, and this has led to a lively debate in the media. Except for Fairfax outlets, which have apparently banned their journalists from covering it: and Dominion Post publishers Fairfax Media have barred their reporters from covering lectures on inequality by visiting London School of Economics Professor Robert Wade.

News staff were told early last week not to cover Wade’s visit, and to ignore press releases relating to it.

In fact, the only information a search of Robert Wade turns up on, is Deputy Prime Minister Bill English defending himself in The Southland Times after threatening Professor Wade after a TVNZ Q&A appearance, and English’s “rebuke” from The Dominion Post.

So what is Fairfax afraid of? Or is this an example of our media reflecting the views of the rich foreigners who own them?