Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What the hell?

WINZ cuts off people's benefits for going to training to get a job:

Samara Tuwhangai, 19, has been to three work seminars and was on a stand-down this month because she missed three more in order to attend training for a possible job selling insurance. She says Work and Income is racist.

"When you go into Winz they look at you and your colour," she says. "If you go to white people they will give you a stink attitude compared to the other workers."

When she went in to complain about her benefit being stopped, the staff member wanted her to get a form signed by the insurance company, and refused to read a letter from the company which she says confirmed that she attended the training.

Shouldn't WINZ be encouraging people to do job training? But I guess when the priority is to kick people off benefits so the Minister can get headlines like this, then anything goes.