Friday, October 04, 2013

Lynton Crosby - tax cheat

So, it turns out that Conservative political strategist (and hit-man for David Cameron) Lynton Crosby is a tax-cheat:

David Cameron's election strategist owns and runs an offshore company in Malta, it has been claimed. The link between Lynton Crosby and the tax haven could make uncomfortable reading for the prime minister, who has described legal ploys to avoid tax as morally wrong.

The Daily Mirror reported that Crosby's Maltese firm, Rutland Ltd, was run from the offices of a trust firm specialising in "wealth preservation".

A spokesman for Crosby's UK firm, CTF Partners, confirmed that Crosby, an Australian who lives in the UK, was a non-domicile – "non-dom" – but insisted he paid his "full tax obligations".

Which is an admission of guilt, since this whole scam is about reducing those obligations through front companies and money laundering. So, a prime minister who purports to be against tax cheats is advised by one. I guess we'll get to see what he really thinks about the issue.

Meanwhile, its worth noting that Crosby's business, Crosby Textor, also advises the New Zealand National Party. I wonder if they're also fine with tax cheats?