Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Something to go to in Auckland

Former Court of Appeal judge Edmund Thomas will be giving this year's annual Bruce Jesson lecture at the end of the month. His topic is "Reducing Inequality - A Strategy for a Cause":

The speaker, a Distinguished Fellow at the Law School at the University of Auckland, argues that the gross inequality in income and wealth which besets New Zealand is the outcome of the neo-liberal economic measures of the mid-1980s and early 1990s and the culture of liberal individualism and unfettered free market ideology which it spawned. A breakdown in social cohesion and a sense of community is the result. Reforms to counter this inequality are widely mooted. But increasing focus and discussion on the topic is confronted by a plethora of mantras and myths purveyed by the rich and powerful. The stimulus for change is deadened. The speaker advances a strategy designed to provide a coherent impetus to reduce the rank inequality that now prevails.

When: 18:30, Wednesday 30 October 2013
Where: Maidment Theatre, Alfred Street, the University of Auckland