Thursday, October 17, 2013

Unfit to be Speaker

If anyone was in any doubt, we've had proof today that David Carter is unfit to be Speaker. First, he ruled a question asked by Metiria Turei which began with a reference to a "sleazy deal" out of order. Then, when asked, he said that that was not unparliamentary language. Finally, when then asked to justify his given this apparent contradiction, he threw her out. The obvious conclusion: Carter's decision was unjustifiable.

We see this day after day in Question Time, and it is not sustainable. Carter's performance as Speaker has been arbitrary, authoritarian, and inconsistent. Rather than enforcing the Standing orders of the House neutrally, he abuses them to protect the government and limit them being held to account. And every day he does this, he undermines confidence in Parliament, and our system of government. He brings our House and our democracy into contempt. He should step down.