Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anadarko are parasites

At the moment, Texan oil cowboys Anadarko are engaged in a risky drilling operation off Raglan in a desperate gamble to find oil. If something goes wrong, there will be oil on every beach from Kaipara to New Plymouth - but Anadarko haven't been required to post a bond or carry insurance for the potential costs of cleanup. And to add insult to injury, it turns out that - thanks to Labour - they're not even paying taxes either. And now National wants to extend this tax-free status for another five years.

This is simply a subsidy for fossil fuel production - something the government claims to oppose. And it is simply wrong. Companies that do business in New Zealand should pay tax here. And that goes double for companies that expect the Navy and Police to mount multi-million dollar operations to suppress freedom of speech on their behalf.

Anadarko and other oil companies are simply parasites. They expect the protection of the New Zealand state while paying nothing to support it. Meanwhile, they ruin our environment, so that profits can be siphoned off overseas. Rather than giving them a tax break, we should be forcibly evicting them from our country.