Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Good riddance to John Banks

So, John Banks has finally admitted that he's a political dead duck, and decided not to stand for re-election. Good riddance. Quite apart from the alleged electoral expenses fraud, this is an MP remember who said that the problem with homosexual law reform was that "so many of these creeps have now boldly crept out of the wardrobe", and that "six inches of barbed wire shoved up gay mens arses" would be "a waste of good barbed wire". And this wasn't back in the dark days of the 80's; he was still spouting his homophobia, bigotry and hate only five years ago. So I'm not in the least bit sorry to see him go (and in fact, I'd like him to go sooner). And maybe this time ACT can find a candidate who is actually a liberal, rather than a conservative bigot solely interested in the "freedom" of the rich not to pay taxes.