Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Naylor's cossacks

In Wellington, the city council uses an "alternative giving" campaign in an effort to sweep away the human reminders of economic failure. In Palmerston North, the mayor wants to threaten them with rugby players:

Rugby players have been suggested as a better deterrent than a bylaw in discouraging begging in Palmerston North.

Mayor Jono Naylor said rather than spend about $10,000 making a bylaw that would achieve "zip", he would rather give the money to the Kia Toa Rugby Club to get players out on Broadway Ave to discourage beggars.

"If we could get them to shadow these people around the streets, we would have it solved by Christmas."

So, his preferred way of dealing with economic distress is thuggery and intimidation. I'm very glad I didn't vote for him.

[Thanks to @SirWB for the post title]