Friday, June 13, 2014

David ain't no Helen

With Iraq turning into a mess again, and the US refusing to rule anything out while pointedly saying it can always count on Australia, people in New Zealand are asking the obvious question: if the US starts another war, will our politicians join it?

John Key hasn't spoken up yet. As for David Cunliffe, he's just been asked about it by Newstalk ZB's Felix Marwick. His response is pure mush:

Cunliffe on troops to Iraq: wd dep' on the circumstances when request made. Won't hypothesize what answer wd be w/out having specific facts.

a difficult decision and would rely on the position taken by the United Nations and our partners. Can't rule anything in or out.

And there you have it: David Cunliffe ain't no Helen Clark. If you want New Zealand to stay out of America's stupid wars, you'll need to vote for someone else.

Update: And meanwhile, John Key says the chances of his government contributing to any intervention are "remote". Its a sad day when Labour looks more warmongering than National.