Wednesday, June 25, 2014

UK reporter threatened with anti-terrorism legislation

On Monday, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague joined the world in condemning the Egyptian regimes jailing of journalists for terrorism. That very day, British police were threatening to jail a journalist in Sheffield for terrorism:

A reporter was threatened with arrest under anti-terrorism laws and forced to erase potentially important video evidence after filming a protest in Sheffield.

The editor of the Sheffield Star has demanded an explanation as to why his reporter, Alex Evans, was warned off filming a protest against cuts to free travel provision for pensioners and disabled people by British transport police officers on Monday.

Evans claims he was ordered to erase footage he’d recorded on his phone because he did not have permission to film on private property inside Sheffield station. When he initially resisted the request and continued to film, he says he was told he could be arrested under terror laws.

Shortly after he stopped filming, British transport police officers handcuffing and bundling away two men. The arrested men, aged 64 and 65, were taking part in the Freedom Ride, a long-running protest against cuts to free travel provision in South Yorkshire.

Anti-terrorism laws: protecting government abuses of power since forever the world over.