Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More police OIA bullshit

The police's latest response to OIA requests filed through FYI? Demanding that requesters fill out a form and physically file it - with ID - at their local police station.

This is simply unlawful. OIA requests don't have to be on a particular form. They don't even need to be in writing (though this helps to avoid misunderstandings and create a record). And they certainly don't need to be accompanied by ID. This has been the position for decades (though its worth noting that the Law Commission recommended that the law make this explicit for the avoidance of doubt - which should go through with the Statutes Amendment Bill (No 4)).

The police's demand for a physical form and ID is simply an attempt to deter requests by intimidation. It should not be permitted. The Ombudsman needs to educate them immediately.