Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Australia now covering up rape

The Australian government appears to be covering up a rape in its PNG refugee gulag:

The police commander on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island says he is relying on immigration authorities to help return three expats accused of a sexual assault two weeks ago.

Alex N'Drasal says a local woman working at Australia's asylum seeker detention centre was raped, and the suspects, three expatriate guards, were flown out of PNG before their inquiry was finished.

Mr N'Drasal says he has asked the immigration departments of both PNG and Australia to help return the suspects to Manus Island.

Flying your people home so they can evade justice isn't the sort of thing a decent country does. But it is the sort of thing a country ashamed of its actions and desperately wanting to keep the public in the dark about what it is doing does. Australia should return these men to stand trial - but more importantly, it should shut down the gulags and put refugees where they belong: in the community.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering: what sort of a scumbag goes to work as a gulag-guard anyway?