Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Europe rejects democracy

Yesterday, Greeks overwhelmingly voted to reject the German austerity which has destroyed their country and killed over 11,000 Greeks. You'd have expected the EU, supposedly built to ensure democracy in Europe, to respect this decision, or at least recognise the democratic limits it set on Greece's negotiating position, and try and negotiate a new deal within those boundaries. But you'd be wrong. Instead, Europe has doubled down on destroying Greece, with the European Central Bank (which deliberately caused a bank run last week to threaten the Greek people) refusing to back Greece's banks, and Angela Merkel saying that there was no possibility of negotiations. In other words, the only acceptable Greek position is total surrender, and the only acceptable Greek government is a quisling one which actively works against the expressed democratic desires of its people. As for democracy, it apparently has no role in European politics.

And now that that's been made clear, so has the solution. An undemocratic Europe is not worth belonging to, and no democratic country should participate in such an institution. Democracies should leave the EU.