Tuesday, July 07, 2015

What are they hiding?

Surprise, surprise! National doesn't want the public to see the documents about Murray McCully's sordid Saudi sheep bribe!

The Foreign Affairs Minister is delaying releasing information about his dealings with the Saudi businessman he has given millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to.


Mr McCully said he needed a further 30 working days before he could respond to an Official Information Act request asking for information about his dealings with Mr Al-Khalaf.

He said he needed the extra time for consolation and to source the relevant documents, but added he may not release any information at all.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy also delayed releasing information about the Government's extension of the ban on live sheep exports.

And according to Twitter, Tim Groser is doing the same. Its a transparently political delay, in an attempt to bury the news and wait for public outrage to blow over, and a perfect example of how the government manipulates the system to serve its own ends. But it invites the obvious question: what are they hiding? Because if those documents showed that everything was above board, they'd release them in a flash.