Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Burying online voting

The government has been pushing online voting for years, viewing it an effective cost-saving measure. last year, they decided that they'd trial it in local government elections. Now, it looks like that won't be going ahead:

If you don't know where your nearest postbox is, Google it now, because online voting at this year's council elections appears unlikely to go ahead.

The Government is yet to make a call on whether to allow online voting at October's election. But it is understood the Department of Internal Affairs is not confident that councils can get systems in place to keep the hackers at bay.

It recently contacted Wellington City Council, one of eight councils keen to offer online voting alongside postal voting this year, to express its concerns.

(Unmentioned: councils don't want to pay to be the government's guinea pig).

So it looks like they've finally realised the truth: that online voting is fundamentally insecure and cannot be trusted. Good. The sooner they give up on this stupid idea, the better.