Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Forced honesty

Oh dear. First, John Key is forced to pay Bradley Ambrose for defaming him. And now, he can't rip off the taxpayer to do it:

The Prime Minister's Office has issued a statement saying it will not use the Parliamentary Service leader's fund to pay for the out-of-court cash settlement of Bradley Ambrose's defamation claim.

"The costs involved in the settlement with Mr Ambrose will not be met by the taxpayer. Funds will be raised via the National Party or by private contributions for this purpose," the statement says.

The taxpayer will still pay Mr Key's legal fees, but the cash settlement will be paid by the National party or through private means.

Which naturally raises the question of why he doesn't just pay it himself. I mean, he's worth $50 million; its not as if he can't afford it. But I guess it just shows that you don't get to be rich by paying your own bills...