Friday, May 06, 2016

A poor choice

David Cameron is holding an anti-corruption summit in London next week, aimed at "step[ping] up global action to expose, punish and drive out corruption in all walks of life". New Zealand's representative to this summit? Apparently its Judith Collins:

This would be the same Judith Collins dubbed the "Minister of Corruption" over her dodgy Oravida dealings. Is John Key taking the piss, or did he take the title literally as an endorsement rather than a disqualification? Or did they just view the summit as an opportunity for someone to get a free taxpayer-funded holiday to London, and it was Collins' turn at the trough? Either way, its a perfect sign of just how little National cares about corruption, tax evasion and international money-laundering, and how unlikely we are to see any real progress on tax cheating from them.