Friday, May 13, 2016

Better work stories

If you or I assaulted someone, causing severe bruising and pain, we would be convicted and sentenced, regardless of "provocation". Its different if you're a cop:

A policeman repeatedly punched a youth who spat at him, even as the teenager cowered with his head between his legs.

Constable Marcus John Dominey has escaped a conviction for his actions, which a judge called a display of "testosterone".

However, he has lost his name suppression – and might still lose his job.

The judge made a lot of noise about how as a police officer, Dominey "was in a privileged position, but he was expected to behave with sensitivity and restraint". But based on his sentencing decision, he clearly didn't mean it. Instead, this officer has been effectively granted a free pass. And then we wonder why police keep doing it...