Monday, May 09, 2016

No freedom of the press in Turkey

Erdem Gul and Can Dundar are journalists. Last year, they exposed the Turkish government's secret arms deals with ISIS. And for that, they've been jailed:

A Turkish court has jailed two prominent journalists for revealing state secrets, in a case widely criticised by international observers.

Erdem Gul received five years and Can Dundar five years and 10 months.

Mr Dundar and Mr Gul, editor and Ankara bureau chief of opposition daily Cumhuriyet, had reported that Turkey had tried to ship arms to rebels fighting the Syrian government.

Shortly before the verdict, a gunman attempted to kill Mr Dundar.

The assailant fired several shots while Mr Dundar was briefing reporters outside the courthouse. Mr Dundar escaped unharmed and the gunman was arrested. A reporter was lightly injured in the leg.

When the state is engaged in immoral and potentially illegal conduct, it is the duty of the press to expose it so the public can correct its behaviour. Clearly, the Turkish government doesn't want that to happen. And Turks will pay the price for that with the erosion of their democracy.