Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Controlling their own borders"

When UKanians voted for Brexit, a lot of them did it so the UK could "control its own borders". None of them seemed to have anticipated that Europe might want to do the same, to them. And now, thanks to Brexit, UKanians will have to pay a travel tax and apply for admission at the EU border:

British people will no longer be able to travel freely to Europe without paying a "travel tax" and being forced to fill out a form under plans unveiled by Brussels.

The US-style visa waiver scheme is one of the first concrete signs UK citizens will not be permitted the privileges they once had to move across European borders unhindered.

The EU Commission said the system of security checks is necessary to prevent terrorist entering the Schengen open-borders area, but UK Brexit critics warned it is further evidence of the hidden cost of quitting the Union.

The demise of borders and border controls has been one of the greatest benefits of Europe (its also one of the benefits of NZ's arrangements with Australia). But its not something the UK will get to keep if it leaves. And now no doubt those Brexit voters will get upset at being treated like non-members by the club they voted to leave...