Friday, November 11, 2016

A good catch

Ever since Chloe Swarbrick energised Auckland voters and came third in the mayoral election, people have been wondering which political party she'd find a home with for 2017. And now we know: the Greens, of course:

Auckland's youngest mayoral candidate has announced her bid for Parliament on Facebook.

Chloe Swarbrick, 22, announced on Facebook this morning she will stand for the Green Party in next year's general election.

Swarbrick said her mayoralty campaign this year taught her there was "a tide for change" and "a tide for progressive inclusive compassionate and empathetic politics".

Swarbrick also subtly drew on the US presidential election of Donald Trump, and said people were, "dissatisfied with the establishment and the status quo".


"So today I'm announcing that I'm joining the Green Party and I'm intending to run with them in the next general election.

Swarbrick still has to get elected to the party's list (because the Greens are a democratic party, unlike the others), but she's a great catch for them. And hopefully we'll see her in Parliament in 2017.