Friday, November 04, 2016

That for your royal prerogative, you blaggard!

The UK High Court has ruled that it is for Parliament, not the executive, to trigger Article 50 and exit the European Union. And the reason for the judgement? Good old Fitzgerald v. Muldoon:

Basicly, Brexit means the effective repeal of legislation - and legislation of such constitutional significance that it is the UK's only higher law protected from implied repeal, at that. And that can only be done by Parliament, not the exercise of monarchical prerogative power.

The judgement is of course being appealed, and will go straight to the Supreme Court. It may be upheld, it may be overturned. But in the meantime it's a welcome blow for Parliamentary sovereignty against the executive - and the decaying legacy of the monarchy.

(Title of course thanks to pterry. You can find the source in Monstrous Regiment).