Monday, July 30, 2018

Not TOP-less?

It looks like TOP might not be dead after all:

The Opportunities Party board has put on hold plans to de-register the party while it considers expressions of interest from a number of people interested in forming a "political party with principles", founder Gareth Morgan says.


"My July 16 invitation to anyone interested to 'form a political party with principles' has garnered many expressions of interest, including some pretty compelling ones from members of The Opportunities Party.

"That has led the TOP Board to put on hold our plans to de-register the party and give us time to evaluate the offers. I have to say that at this time it is looking pretty good and we expect to make an announcement in August."

So maybe they'll stick around after all. And hopefully in the process they'll move past Morgan, because his lack of patience and constant slagging off of voters are the party's biggest problems. If they want to actually change things, they need to become less of a vanity vehicle and more of a real party.