Monday, July 30, 2018

The reality of Brexit II

Last week the UK government was promising that there woudl be "adequete food supplies" after Brexit. Since then, a number of commentators have highlighted the reality of just-in-time inventory systems and basicly said that it can't be done - that a hard Brexit which disrupts trade will mean a food crisis. But don't worry! The government promises the army will solve the problem!

The military would be called in if blockages at ports after Britain leaves the EU led to shortages in supplies, ministers told the Sunday Times.

Blueprints usually reserved for civil emergencies have been included as part of the “no deal” planning, the newspaper reported.

Helicopters and army trucks could be used to carry medicine to vulnerable people outside the south-east.

A Ministry of Defence source told the Sunday Times that "no formal request" to supply aid had been received but said the department has "a blueprint for us supporting the civilian authorities that can be dusted off".

Except that the real problem they're likely being called in for isn't food distribution - which requires that there actually be food to distribute - but the resulting anger and civil disorder as it becomes apparent that the toff government has sold its people into starvation while they sip champagne in their bolt-holes. The no-deal Brexit that Rees-Mogg and his fellow rich pricks are betting on is also an invitation for a police state.