Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The reality of Brexit

When the racists were campaigning for Brexit, they promised a financial windfall, with £350 million a week extra for the NHS. Now, the government is reduced to promising that there will be "adequete food supplies":

In testimony to the Brexit select committee on Tuesday, the minister dismissed claims that the government was stockpiling provisions. However, he acknowledged that it would work with the food industry to ensure that a no-deal outcome would not disrupt supply.

“We will look at this issue in the round and make sure that there’s adequate food supplies,” Raab told the Brexit select committee. “It would be wrong to describe it as the government doing the stockpiling … of course the idea that we only get food imports into this country from one continent is not appropriate.”

And that's what Brexit means: a real threat that an entire nation will starve to death, or have to have rationing imposed, so that rich arseholes like Jacob Reese-Mogg can make out like bandits. But hey, at least EDL members won't have to see Polish plumbers any more, right?